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  • Astronomers believe we could be in for a rare meteor storm
    There's a chance a rare meteor "storm" will occur Thursday night, and eastern Canada might be able to catch it. Outburst will be short-lived, but could give a good show.
  • Western News: Scientists explore origins of interstellar visitors
    Since 2017, not one but two interstellar asteroids have been detected entering our solar system – each one offering more clues as to their origins and unlocking further secrets of the universe. Physics and Astronomy professor Paul Wiegert from Western’s Institute for Earth & Space Exploration is now tracing the origins of these far-travelling bodies.
  • Gradcast: Its a Bird, it’s a Plane, No it’s Flying Microbe Particles!
    This episode, hosts Nikol Posnov and Gregory Robinson interview guests Matthew Svensson and Mohammed Chamma who are part of the High Altitude Balloon initiative from the Institute for Earth and Space Exploration at Western University. Matt and Mo and the rest of the team built an apparatus to collect and study microbe particles found in the stratosphere well above the tallest buildings but within our atmosphere. Tune in to hear more about these high flying microbes.

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