Making Headlines

  • Image Sets Off Monster Galaxy Quest
    An image of UGC 2885 - a majestic spiral galaxy 2.5 times wider than our Milky Way with 10 times as many stars - sparked widespread interest among astronomers, including those at Western, last week.
  • Exploring the Formation of Gravitationally Bound Objects Across the Universe
    From brown dwarfs to supermassive black holes, many of the strangest objects known to astronomers are formed as material collapses in on itself under its own gravity. Through a combination of physical theories and the latest computer simulations, Dr Shantanu Basu at the University of Western Ontario in Canada is offering intriguing new insights into how these structures originate.
  • US Meteorite Adds to Origins Mystery
    In January 2018, a falling meteorite created a bright fireball that arced over the outskirts of Detroit, Michigan, followed by loud sonic booms. The visitor not only dropped a slew of meteorites over the snow-covered ground, it also provided information about its extra-terrestrial source.

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