Building Accessibility Information

The main departmental office is located in PAB 138, which is on the first floor in the east wing.

The Physics and Astronomy Building now has two wheelchair accessible ramps.

The older existing ramp is located on the west side of the building at the north end near the bus-stops at The Natural Science Building.

The new ramp is located on the north side of the building at the new entrance. This is directly across from the Natural Science Building (not to be confused with the same name that is chiselled in stone on the south side of our building!

Note that wheelchairs can also access the building via the tunnel from The Natural Science Building (with further access to the Biology and Geology, as well as Chemistry buildings.

The west ramp leads to the ground floor from which both an accessible washroom and the new north wing elevator can be reached.

The north entrance ramp leads to the first floor, where washrooms are located immediately inside the building.

There are now two elevators in the building. The existing elevator is found on the south wing of the building. This is the elevator to take to the third floor.

The new elevator is in the north wing, not far from the north entrance. This elevator services the ground, 1st, and 2nd floors. You must take the south elevator to get to the third floor.

All washrooms in the renovated building are wheelchair accessible. The main washrooms are in the north wing on each floor. In addition, there are washrooms at the main south entrance on the first floor, and there are smaller washrooms on the third floor (which exists only as a south wing).

The Hume Cronyn Memorial Observatory has wheelchair access and an elevator to the main floor lecture theatre.

Western Accessibility

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