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Spring Convocation 2017

grad student graduates

On Thursday June 15, 2017, the department of Physics and Astronomy celebrated its graduating class of 2017 with a reception for graduates and their family and friends prior to the convocation ceremony at Alumni Hall. The event was hosted by acting Department Chair, Aaron Sigut with students introduced by Graduate Chair Silvia Mittler and Undergraduate Chair, Sarah Gallagher. Each of the six graduate and 6 undergraduate students in attendance had their own moment of recognition for their achievement.

The undergraduate students presented Professor Richard Holt with the Undergraduate Guidance and Inspiration Award recognizing the important impact he made on the outgoing undergraduate class. 

Dylan presents Dick with award

Congratulations to all of our Graduates! Physics and Astronomy Graduating Class of 2017:

PhD graduates Thesis title Supervisor(s)

Abedin Abedin


Formation and past evolution of the meteoroid complex of Comet 96P/Machholz Peter Brown & Paul Wiegert

Isabelle Cyr


The geometry and density of B-emission star disks from statistical analysis and numerical simulations Carol Jones

Sabastine Ezugwu


Nanoscale thermal and electronic properties of thin films of graphene and organic polyradicals Giovanni Fanchini

Bethany Grzenia


The circumstellar environments of B-emission stars constrained by optical interferometry Carol Jones

Zahra Haghshenasfard


Linear and Nonlinear Dynamics of Spin Waves in Ferromagnetic Nanowires Mike Cottam

Bushra Hussain


Methods for Improved Estimation of Low Blood Velocities using Vector Doppler Ultrasound Tamie Poepping & James Lacefield

Fereshteh Rajabi


Dicke’s Superradiance in Astrophysics Martin Houde

Maryam Tabeshian


Detection and Characterization of Extrasolar Planets through Planet-Disk Dynamical Interactions Paul Wiegert
MSc graduates Thesis title Supervisor

Aysegul Abdelal


Silicon Nanostructures Deposited by Molecular Beam Epitaxy on Silicon Oxide Peter Simpson & Lyudmila Goncharova

Kieffer Davieau


The study of plasmonics in nanohole metallic metamaterials Mahi Singh

Marwa Dawaga


Automatic detection of eye blinking using the generalized Ising Model

Andrea Soddu



BSc graduates Degree
Christopher Brown Major in Physics
Dario Crisci Major in Physics

Edward De Wit


Bachelor of Engineering Science,
Electrical EngineeringB.Sc. (3 Year)Major in Physics
Dylan Del Papa Honors Specialization in Physics
Sachi Elkerton Honors Specialization in Physics
Shawn Robert Hanson Minor in Physics

Patrick Hatch


Honors Specialization in Physics

Minor in Advanced Physics

Denis Heynen Honors Specialization in Astrophysics
Erin Iredale Honors Specialization in Medical Physics
Dachang Liu Specialization in Materials Science
Abhilash Mathews Honors Specialization in Physics
Benjamin Psotka Specialization in Physics
Jason Sung Honors Specialization in Physics
Renlong Zheng Honors Specialization in Materials Science
Kyle Windsor  Major in Astrophysics

ugrad graduates

At an event held prior to our department celebration, undergraduate named award and medals were presented:

Congratulations to our named medal award winners! 

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