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A Farewell get-together for Doug Hie

Doug Hie and a retirement gift

An informal farewell get-together on the occasion of electronics and instrumentation specialist Doug Hie's upcoming retirement was held at the Grad Club on Wednesday, August 25, 2016.

It was a jam packed affair with three full tables being occupied by members of the Physics and Astronomy community.

Doug held court at one of the tables, and everyone had a chance to shake his hand, to reminisce a bit, and to wish him well in the next phase of his life. 

Phin Perquin recounted some humourous moments from his work with Doug.  Certainly almost every corner of the department has been touched by Doug in his long career, including the first, second, and third year laboratories, as well as every major research lab.  Doug, along with his ex-colleague Harry Chen, had a hand in the manufacture of much of the modern departmental electronics equipment that is used in laboratory and public demonstrations. The number of computers that Doug had a hand in diagnosing or fixing for the department very nearly surpasses the number of stars in our own Milky Way galaxy.

Doug was then presented with a few mementos with which to remember the community that he has been such a vital part of.  One gift was a beautiful caricature by a local London artist, depicting Doug relaxing in his favourite Cincinnati Bengals attire. In addition, Brian, Frank, and Phin presented Doug with a historic coat/hat rack, complete with bronze plaque. A bag of Doritos chips was thrown in for good measure.

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