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Blaine Chronik awarded NSERC Industrial Research Chair

Blaine Chronik awarded NSERC Industrial Research Chair

Professor Blaine Chronik is one of two Western scientists who were awarded new NSERC Industrial Researh Chairs.

According to Western Media Relations, "Chronik is working with Toronto-based Synaptive Medical to develop highly customized MRI systems that have been optimized for specific applications like stroke. Health-care providers currently use multi-use, full-body scanners to diagnose any number of ailments, but one of Chronik’s objectives as NSERC/Synaptive Medical Inc. Industrial Research Chair in Magnetic Resonance Systems Development is to become the first Canadian team able to design, prototype and produce custom MRI platforms.

Their efforts will create smaller, lighter, cheaper and easier-to-use MR systems that still produce high-performance results.

“These qualities are essential to bringing the benefits of MRI to health-care settings where the technology has been unavailable or underutilized,” Chronik says. “Our program aims to improve healthcare for Canadians by facilitating the development of safer, more advanced medical devices for use within safer, more advanced MRI systems.”

[Western Media Relations]

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