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March Break Open House a success

March Break Open House 2017

Due in part to the massive effort by numerous volunteers, March Break Open House 2017 was a great success. The Physics and Astronomy Atrium was abuzz with activity for the entire day, Saturday, March 11, 2017.

At 2:30pm students and families attended a small Physics and Astronomy reception at which alumni Zen Mariani and Simone Chaudhury spoke about their paths to success via Western Physics and Astronomy.  Simone is now interning in Radiation Oncology, while Zen is a research scientist with Environment Canada.

Our student volunteers for the day were Nicole Barucha, Patrick Hatch, Sean Huggins, Colin Metrow, Claire Park, Sean Pentinga, Mark Wheatley; 

Faculty member volunteers were Alex Buchel, Jan Cami, John de Bruyn, Sarah Gallagher, Wayne Hocking, Kanthi Kaluarachchi, Els Peeters, Bob Sica, Mahi Singh, and Eugene Wong, and Rob Cockcroft. Staff volunteers were Sabastine Ezugwu, Jen Tilston, Phin Perquin, Shailesh Nene, and Henry Leparskas. We barely survived without the presence of Peter Frank!

Thanks to Kanthi, Shailesh Nene, and graduate students Sham Gamage, Achini Abayakoon, and Daniel Hatfield for a full day welcoming all the visitors to the first-year labs.

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