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Physics 4999 Undergraduate Thesis Presentations A Great Success


On Friday April 21, 2017 the members of the undergaradute thesis course, Physics 4999, presented their research talks. The course was overseen by Professor Giovanni Fanchini.


Abhilash Mathews Abhilash Mathews The role of superradiance in cosmic fast radio bursts
Patrick Hatch Patrick Hatch The observability of Population III star clusters with the James Webb space telescope
Jason Sung Jason Sung Probing star formation in the universe with carbonaceous molecules
Dennis Heynen Denis Heynen Detection of very-low frequency radiation from fireballs
J. Sachi Elkerton J. Sachi Elkerton Metal loss of evolved stars in low-metallicity dwarf galaxies
Erin Iredale Erin Iredale

Simulation of electric field from implanted electrodes for the treatment of primary brain tumors

(via Skype)

Dylan Del Papa Dylan Del Papa Electric field transfer concept applied to an insulated metal wire exposed to a 21.3 MHz electric field
Renlong Zheng Renlong Zheng Tuning the pore size and gas adsorption ability of MOFs via mixed linker and alkali metal doping

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