Meet our ETS Team for 2017-18

Amanda Desouza


Amanda Desouza is a first-year PhD student in Physics and Astronomy, following an HBSc in Astronomy from York University and an MSc from Queen's University. Her research primarily focusses on studying compact galaxy groups using Radio data, supervised by Dr. Sarah Gallagher and Dr. Pauline Barmby.

Daniel Hatfield


Daniel Hatfield is a Master's student in Astronomy working under the supervision of Dr. Carol Jones. Dan completed his Honors in Physics at Mount Alison University in Sackville New Brunswick. His current research focuses on the study of disc dissipation in gaseous discs around Be stars.  

Viraja Khatu


Viraja Khatu is a PhD student in Astronomy and Planetary Science working with Prof. Sarah Gallagher. She completed an HBSc Degree in Astronomical Sciences from the University of Toronto Mississauga and a Master's Degree in Astronomy at the University of Western Ontario. Her research involves studying growing supermassive black holes at the centres of massive galaxies and energetic gas outflows in them using spectroscopy and time domain analysis.

Jeffrey Vankerkhove


Jeff completed his BSc at the University of Rochester in New York before coming to UWO. He is currently a PhD student in Astronomy supervised by Prof. Bob Sica, working with the Purple Crow Lidar to better quantify and understand the role of water vapor in atmosphere.