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Inventory for Outreach

Information on outreach activities, for members of the Department of Physics & Astronomy

FYI: Faculty of Science outreach activities, 2011

NEW: Department slide show for Fall Preview Day 2011: PDF PPT. Comments (to Pauline) welcome!

Outreach tracking form

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Local outreach calendars

Use these to find out what is going on!

Cronyn observatory calendar

Local outreach inventory

Click here for a list of give-aways and other supplies for outreach.

Local Outreach Contact Information

Physics Outreach, General
 Outreach committee chair, P. Barmby
physoutreach at uwo.ca
Astronomy Outreach, general
P. Barmby
astrooutreach at uwo.ca
Exploring the Stars

Bookings: Nelia Andrade-LoRusso

Presenters: Emily McCollough, Robin Wing, Tyler Desjardins

explorethestars at gmail.com
Cronyn Observatory

Coordinator:  Jan Cami

Summer talks info

 (TBD) cronynobs at uwo.ca
Physics demo supplies
Peter Frank  pcfrank at uwo.ca
Centre for Planetary Science & Exploration
Coordinator:  Alyssa Gilbert cpsxoutreach at uwo.ca
Faculty of Science Outreach
Assistant Dean: Carol Jones
cejones at uwo.ca
Science Fairs and Science Olympics
 Patrick Whippey and others link
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