Allen Chee

Allen Chee

Allen Chee - Graduate of Concurrent Program in Engineering and Astrophysics, 2014

“When I first started Engineering at Western I was a little bit sad that I wasn’t studying Physics as I had been struggling with which subject to pursue. Later on I discovered that I could do a concurrent degree and get the best out of both!

The Physics faculty members were extremely welcoming and helpful allowing me flexibility, as well as opportunities to explore courses that interested me outside of the Engineering program that would have otherwise been unavailable to me.

I feel that adding the Astrophysics major on top of Mechanical Engineering gave me a comprehensive undergraduate experience with a lot of depth, which really influenced me in my decision to pursue graduate studies. I also believe that pursuing both programs may have been a factor in my acceptance to the University of Toronto Institute of Aerospace Studies, because it helped set me apart from other applicants.

Western’s Physics and Astronomy program was a great learning experience for me and I encourage any student who is thinking about pursuing research, or simply has interest in the subject matter to consider a concurrent Physics degree.”