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Arvand Barghi

Arvand Barghi

Arvand Barghi - Studying Internal Medicine at Western's Schulich School of Medicine and Dentistry

“I completed my undergraduate degree in Medical Physics at Western in 2011. I went on to medical school at Western, and I am currently in my 4th year. I have just been accepted into the Western University Internal Medicine program and will start in July, 2015.

 I recommend Western because of the research opportunities. I had lots of research opportunities during my Physics & Astronomy degree, including working on Doppler ultrasound image post-processing algorithms, and commissioning and quality assurance of cone beam CT at the London Regional Cancer Program. I also got to work on development and testing of an optical CT scanner that was developed for educational purposes; and the device is now being used in university physics programs around the world.

The advantage of studying in a field like physics is that it not only serves as a great stepping stone towards professional school, but it also keeps options open for graduate studies, as well as direct entry into industry. I had several opportunities for industry work in physics following my graduation, as well as potential supervisors for graduate studies. If for some reason medical school had not worked out for me, I feel that my physics degree provided me with lots of other options! I highly recommend the medical physics module through the Department of Physics & Astronomy for students considering a future in Medicine.”