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Kwesi Agyem

Kwesi Agyem - Senior resident in Diagnostic Radiology at Queens University Medical School

Kwesi Agyem - Senior resident in Diagnostic Radiology at Queens University Medical School

"I loved my high school physics courses but couldn’t see how they could lead to a career in engineering or medicine, the two fields I was considering at that time.  After a year of medical science, I followed my academic interests, and transferred into the Department of Physics and Astronomy at Western.

I found a welcoming department full of intelligent, hardworking, motivated colleagues.  I developed skills in detailed observation and analytical assessment, systematic yet flexible approaches to understanding and solving complex practical and theoretical problems. I refined academic, teamwork, research, and visuospatial skills, and developed some skill in basic programming.  Under the guidance of Dr. Poepping and Dr. Wong, I developed a keen interest in the physics underlying medical imaging, which was an important factor in choosing to become a diagnostic radiologist.

As a senior resident in diagnostic radiology, I routinely make 
challenging diagnoses through attention to detail, an extensive knowledge of 3-dimensional human anatomy, and a strong command of the appearances and complications of human diseases in multiple imaging modalities, all whilst integrating the clinical context, to arrive at the most likely possible diagnoses.  Needless to say, I rely on the analytical skills and understanding of medical physics developed in my undergraduate studies on a daily basis.

It is true that physics is an uncommon path to becoming a physician. I chose that road less taken - and that has made all the difference.