Alex Kopacz

Alex Kopacz - Collaborative program in Engineering and Physics, 2013

Alex Kopacz - Collaborative Program in Physics and Engineering 2013

"What made me consider this program was my interest in physics since high school largely due to my teacher Robert Lorusso of Mother Teresa.  Throughout engineering I found the courses that piqued my interest the most where the ones that dealt with applied physics, such as dynamics, fluid mechanics and vibrations.

It wasn’t until I started the physics program through the electromagnetism course and introduction to modern physics that I realized that physics is what really excited me.  One of the first things that I noticed about the physics faculty is how friendly all of the professors are. They are all extremely approachable and willing to help out with any problem or question you may have. All of the upper year students and grad students are down to earth and are happy to help with assignments or give advice.

Complementing my engineering degree with physics makes me more marketable as an engineer and opens many opportunities to explore different aspects of the engineering field without closing the door on research. I personally hope to use this combination to help explore a career in the medical field. Another great strength to this faculty is that it allowed me to participate in an exchange to finish my physics degree through the OBW program. Overall physics at Western is a fantastic learning experience and I highly recommend it to any student who aspires to pursue the sciences."