Alex Motolko

Alex Motolko

ALex Motolko - Collaborative Program in Physics and Engineering 2013

“I entered the concurrent degree program with the Physics department in my third year
 of Mechanical Engineering.

My interest in physics was a major factor when I initially applied to university, and when I considered that I would only need an additional year’s worth of courses the concurrent degree became a very appealing option. I branched out to physics to keep as many career doors open as possible.

Applying for the concurrent program was fairly simple and only required a few meetings with the undergraduate councilors in the Engineering Department and the Science Department to sort out the details of my course schedule.

My time in the physics department has been an excellent experience thus far. The professors are passionate and approachable, and since it is a small faculty it allows for a unique relationship between students and faculty.

My concurrent degree with physics has allowed me many opportunities I otherwise would not have had including a year long international exchange. I would recommend it wholeheartedly to anyone interested in Physics.”