Laura Lenkic

Laura Lenkic

Laura Lenkic - Senior undergraduate

“Leaving high school and moving on to University is a major, and sometimes terrifying, step in life.

From first hand experiences, there is nothing worse than feeling like a tiny speck in a sea of people. Therefore, the best a prospective student of post-secondary education can look for is an institution which welcomes its students, and makes them feel like they belong and are a part of something.

Western has done just that for me, and more specifically, the Department of Physics and Astronomy has done this for me. It has, for me, become a place that I can call home.

The Physics and Astronomy Student Association (PASA) really reaches out to well to new students with various events to get people involved in the department and meet other students and professors. The professors I have had are also all incredibly friendly and helpful, and have made me feel that they really care about their students and whether they learn or not.

There are also many research opportunities available as well when you put in a bit of effort to talk to professors and show them that you are interested in what they do. I have had an amazing and very educational experience working for Dr. Sarah Gallagher, where I have learned more about research than in any class, and have had the chance to travel (NASA!) and do things I thought I would never be able to do.

Everything a student needs is here when you look and make the choice to take advantage of it; everybody is welcomed and nobody is left out, unless you leave yourself out.

That has made Western and this department the best choice of destination for me at which to pursue my education.”