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Melanie Wright

Melanie Wright

Melanie Wright - Graduate student in atmospheric science

“Throughout my time here at Western, I performed with dance groups and choirs, and enjoyed being a volunteer, but by far the most rewarding thing to do was to become involved within the department. While the activities were enjoyable, it really was the people here in Physics and Astronomy that made my undergrad years `the best student experience’.

The professors within my department are absolutely phenomenal! Not only do they know me by face and name, they also know my plans for the weekend and ask how that camping trip went. They can tell when I am having a bad day and they always ask if there is something they can do to help. They just smile and wave in the hallway if they do not have the time to chat. Forget office hours; their doors are always open, even if it is not for their course.

I would never be able to dream up a better support group to have through university and beyond. The people I met and the experiences I have had over my four undergraduate years here at Western are what make me call the Physics and Astronomy Department, and not the city of London, ‘home’.”