Neil Bhatt

Neil Bhatt

Neil Bhatt - Software Specialist, Google Inc., Boulder, Colorado

“My passion is astronomy!

It is a multifaceted and challenging field, one that requires its investigators to be well versed in a wide range of topics like physics, chemistry, mathematics, and computer science.  Therefore, I elected to pursue a combined Astrophysics and Computer Science degree at Western.  The challenging courses and first-class instruction by world experts in the field have been an integral part of my academic development.

In addition to a comprehensive academic program, the Physics and Astronomy department strongly encourages undergraduates to pursue research opportunities.   Research offers the students invaluable scientific training.  I have been able to supplement my academics by conducting independent astronomy research under the guidance of Dr. Jan Cami, a professor in the Physics and Astronomy department.

The Physics and Astronomy department at Western has motivated me to continue studying my passion by academically challenging me within a nurturing environment.”