David F. Gray

     Department of Physics & Astronomy

     University of Western Ontario

     London, Ontario  N6A 3K7


     office: Room 263 Physics-Astronomy Building

     phone: 661-2111 x86715

     e-mail: dfgray@uwo.ca

Research Interests & Publications:

  1. - Rotation of stars, magnetic braking, angular momentum evolution, differential rotation, rotational modulation
  2. - Magnetic cycles in stars, variations in power output, global warming, chromospheric activity, dynamo processes
  3. - Stellar granulation and velocity fields in stellar atmospheres, variations during stellar cycles and across the H-R diagram
  4. - Surface features on stars, including starspots and starpatches
  5. - Zeeman Broadening of spectral lines and the measurement of stellar magnetic fields
  6. - Fourier analysis of spectral lines
  7. - Precision temperatures.
  8. - Radial velocity measurements
  9. - Elginfield Observatory and coudé spectrograph

Books: The Observation and Analysis of Stellar Photospheres 

             Lectures on Spectral-Line Analysis: F, G, and K StarsPhotospheres.htmlLectures.htmlhttp://www.apple.com/shapeimage_1_link_0shapeimage_1_link_1

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